Community, identity and representation

Watching Click on the BBC they mentioned an interesting little website called The Faces of Facebook link here  The viewer is presented both a screen showing a multitude of pixels – each one representing a Facebook user and an long – ever increasing – number.The faces of facebook 1Then if you follow the instructions the site will identify you as part of that community.

The faces of facebook 2So if you zoom in you will see yourself or, click on other images and see some random profiles.

The faces of facebook 3


We often think of collections of people as having things in common and here we can see that the thing this collection of people share is Facebook membership. But I don’t think we could call them a community because that’s the only thing we can be sure about them having in common.

What is interesting is to see the way people choose and configure and display their identity. How do you configure your online identity – indexically, symbolically – and why do you choose to do in in that particular way? Is it an authentic representation or a deception?




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