Workflow changes needed when blogging

Today I continued to practice blogging and all that it involves by beginning to populate in a photo a day category. Of course what I found was my whole workflow is changing to accommodate the needs for clear organisation. This is how shooting the photos and placing them here went:

1)        Decide what to shoot

2)        Shoot

3)        Edit

4)        Upload to Flickr

5)        Review before posting – I found the image lines a little off kilter so

      1. Re-edit
      2. Upload new photo to Flickr

6)        Write this article in draft on MS Word

7)        Past without images into WordPress editor

8)        Edit final draft with images in WordPress editor – including categorise and tag

9)        Post

I’m sure I will get used to this process but for now it is quite a challenge.

Anyway here are my images



You can see that this first image of my desk and PC is a little off kilter and so I adjusted the RAW image in Adobe Elements and here is the revised image below



There are only slight changes but I think they make a pretty big difference in the final result. I’ve use quite a lot of vibrance and clarity to emphasise the real. Anyway, it’s a start.

What does your workflow look like?


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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