Thoughts on Blog administration

So I have four conclusions regarding the administration of this blog.

  • The first is in using Windows Live Writer I can more easily configure my posts. Its less clunky and should make my workflow easier.
  • The second point is a little more ambiguous: I wanted some easy way of posting and labelling photos, but it had to be one that could easily caption them. Posting directly into LW didn’t provide an option of captioning so would require the insertion of the table. That didn’t look great.
  • Polaroid Picture plug in works well – but I will need to adapt my workflow to paste from the PC rather than Flickr. (Possibly tagging images in Lightroom)
  • The third is that WLW has automatically created a folder labelled My Web Log Posts on my hard disk and so I have a back up of them – that is a really important feature.
  • Lastly I can’t find a way of making Arial my default paragraph font and rather than constantly adapting the current one will live with it.

I’m pleased as I think I am making good progress.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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