A photo a day – an old friend called juxtaposition

Well my cold hasn’t gotten any better so at 5am I was in bed awake coughing and sneezing.. Karen had gone downstairs as I was making so much noise and so I turned the TV on and it was playing a rather wonderful movie called The Men with Marlon Brando as someone coming to terms with being newly paralysed.

Now prior to having purchased my Sony RX100 Mark 2 that would be the end of the story. But this camera was purchased so I could become looser and more spontaneous in my shooting and this proved to be the case. I pulled it out of my wheelchair bag lay back and took a number of shots. It was dark and so this was a good time to try out its ISO capabilities and I am pleased with the result. This was shot at ISO3200.

I did wonder whether a better shot would be a simple one framing Marlon Brando in the TV – like this below – but think the wheelchairs in the TV image, light values and positioning of TV and my chair work best.


So, its 8.50am and the photo of the day is done!


About anomiepete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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