A photo a day – when too much enters the frame

So after yesterday’s much needed drive out I am back here sitting at my PC and pottering around.  I recently read an interesting article on Contact sheets (link). This made the point that is often useful for people to see how an image came about through viewing those that were discarded.  So instead of just posting the single photo or, the pre and post edited photo, I have posted my selected processed image of the day and the ones that did not make the cut explaining why.


Now I hope we would all agree that there is something satisfying in a well designed frame. The subject matter doesn’t have to be specific but the design does. I’m thinking of Bauhaus now but of course there were others like Piet Mondrian who use form to great effect where the overall effect is of a purity in form and colour and it’s in that sense that I find framing and revealing detail to be satisfying. For example, all I wanted to do here was reveal the detail of a part of my working room wall. Its got things pasted onto it, wires and shelves. My first two shots showed little of the wall and the latter ones were more revealing. However I found the latter shots almost too revealing  – they said too much and so reduced the intensity of the focus  through offering the viewer too many elements (pealing paper, writing, the wire, and tape). So in the end I concentrated on three simple elements: the wallpaper, the wire and the edge of the paper. This exclusion of the pealing paper and the writing helped.


I processed the image into monochrome to further reduce any distractions and feel the image is all about texture, tone and shape.  These elements show the life lived through the marks on the wall, the scuffs on the wire and the slightly turned up corner of the paper. In some ways it’s a photo of nothing, yet the design of the wall paper will give some clues as to the date of the image and maybe if viewed in the future the wire will offer similar testimony – who knows.

About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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