A photo a day – pressure

I love life. I love the feeling of the sun on my skin or of Greg or Alex phoning or emailing to tell me something they have done, and the trips to places where Karen and I just wonder around exploring them. But I do have to deal with a lot of factors that I don’t enjoy and that distract from life. Maslow called these hygiene factors as there the sorts of things we have to do just to sustain life and are needed prior to getting to a  level where we can enjoy life and explore the richness of experience it offers.

This photo shows one of these factors I deal with. Apart from being spinal cord injured I experienced a number of heart attached in 2002 (I know lucky or what!) and this resulted in my having a titanium aortic heart valve fitted. Because of this I have to take a drug called Warfarin that thins my blood. Warfarin isn’t a vary stable drug and so I have to monitor my blood thin/thickness regularly. I do this weekly with a home testing kit. This image above speaks to that experience and shows a Warfarin blister pack, a blood test strip and a finger pricker.

I’ve tried to evoke the pressure of the scene through lighting and contrast and think it gives the image a sort of sinister quality. If I was printing the image I would also use a large boarder to inject it with pressure. Although the subject matter is very different the evocation puts me in mind of Antoine D’Agata and Francis Bacon’s portraits  where they use dark backgrounds for a similar reason.

About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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