Serendipity versus planning


I was pleased with this photo from the other day in lots of ways. But, as I mentioned on that days post, I felt the image would have been improved upon if it had included some small references to disability or the particular day through eg showing the Sundays papers in the frame. So late afternoon yesterday I tried to address these issues and came up with this image.


As you can see I have taken a wider focal length to include more of the scene. The vista includes a tiny pill pot on the table by the can of drink, newspapers and the space where I set by the lamp.


Somehow this photo is nowhere near as pleasing to me as the original. There are some technical issues such as the light being blown in the mirror, but what is lacks is more of an emotional connection with me.  I feel a connection with the earlier photo absent from this one – it just leaves me cold.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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