A photo a day – a foggy morning

This photo was taken yesterday morning.

I took a few shots showing greater and lesser amounts of the houses as a proportion of the frame and also experimented with just how dark or light the houses should be, and as you can see, settled on one that reveals some of the street detail but clearly has the moon light and repeating chimney stacks as the main focus. I also spot metered against the moon to ensure it wasn’t blown.

When the shot came out of the camera I was unsure of its evocation. I think the image could be of night-time or morning but I want it to be seen and placed as a foggy morning and so anchored it via that label. But would it have been ethically wrong to describe it differently or leave the image untitled and so the meaning open?

The photo put me in mind of Bill Brandt’s night-time landscapes (it think that’s because of the chimneys).


About anomiepete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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