Developing an idea

So a few days ago I posted this photo. I liked it but felt it didn’t really represent anything particular I wanted to say. It was pleasing to create and evoked a sort of melancholy contemplative mood, but that’s about it.


After some discussion on Flickr I then shot and posted this, I’d planned this shot below but, as can be seen it didn’t really come out technically as well as the first one as the highlights were blown and the wider vista still didn’t represent anything I wanted to say. But I liked the mood and wanted to develop the idea.


So, after further discussion on Flickr and thought, I had the chance to reshoot the image yesterday and came up with something I am pleased with as it not only captures the mood but makes a subtle statement – see what you think?

It was taken at about the same time as the earlier photos but this time I didn’t illuminate the lamp. This makes the whole image darker both in reality and emotionally, while allowing the dying sunlight to illuminate the pill box on the arm rest. I’ve gone back to the original image in the sense of keeping the vista simple and so for example, the paper and tulips are removed, but I have used the wider focal length of the second shot. In addition, by placing the pill box on the arm of the chair the sunlight not only catches it but its shadow is also caught. Accordingly, this works for me because the only item present to offer a narrative is the pill box.

What do you think?


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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