A photo a day – straight photography

Straight photography originated in a 1904 exhibition review in Camera Work by the critic S Hartmann, where he called on photographers “to work straight” and to produce pictures that looked like photographs rather than paintings. Nowadays the idea of straight photography has largely been surpassed because we know that the choices and decisions photographer make mean that there is no such thing as an unbiased photo. However the approach lives on in deadpan photography. I’m thinking of the work of Edmund Clark and his wonderful series on Guantánamo Bay.

My photo follows in that straight tradition. I’ve not processed it apart from straightening the verticals. Other than that the image is straight out of the camera. I haven’t used any dramatic form of lighting, point of view or depth of field to create any particular emphasis, rather I have shot the image as I saw it.

It’s of the backroom in my parents house. This room was built for me when I was first paralysed aged 20. Now its a workroom where they both have computer stations, a chest freezer and assorted furniture. The wheelchair was bought for when dad was ill. They are both quite frail at 86 but mum still cooks a great lunch every Friday when we chat about all sorts of things. I think the photo shows an older persons house because of the nick-knacks on the shelf and the furniture on view.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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