A photo a day – metaphor for feeling

Yesterday was a good day but I did not know it when I took this photo. I had bleed badly a few days ago and was due to carry out the same activity last evening. Accordingly I was concerned and worried that I would bleed again. The day was dull and apart from a little light relief brought about by the TV  my mood was dark. As day turned to night this vista seemed to capture how I felt.

These types of images always remind me of Carrie Levy’s 51 Months where she took a series of photos that documented her life while her dad was away in prison. But the images do much more than document, they reflect the sort of dream like unreality she experienced in her situation and so evoke a mood.

I could have used this image which I also shot yesterday – but its too cold for my mood and would seem to be inauthentic for that reason.  I did wonder whether this was so abstract as to transform the referent rather than reveal it but in hindsight think it reveals the particular light patterns and so could be considered New Realist. What do you think?


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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