A photo a day – the Sunday ritual

Most Sundays take on a similar format. If its not raining I pop around the corner and pick up a paper. The Church is St George’s in Beckenham and I only live 300 metres from it. I chose to present today in a diptych because it is primarily made up of these two things. I originally considered presenting the images in colour but somehow the idea of news and the factual nature of the presentation called for a documentary approach – even though monochrome has long since been replaced with colour in the papers, the approach here provides that evocation.

I’m not sure if the two juxtaposed photographic approaches will be seen as working together appropriately here in the sense that one image was shot with a deep depth of field that Ansel Adams would approve of and the other narrow and more artificial – painterly?  Adams and other Straight photographers such as Edward Weston argued against Pictoralist style and espoused the sharp imagery unique to camera  technology as the way forward. I am not worried about whether my images adhere to any convention or not, just whether they work together to represent my day. I think they do: do You?

About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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