A photo a day – sunshine – and expressionist photography

We’d planned to go to Ramsgate today for a drive out and a fish and chip lunch. In the back of my mind I thought of a nice photo a day would be from inside the cafe – as it’s quite a stylised place we eat in. However, as I got up Karen opened the curtain to a fresh blaze of light – something we haven’t seen for a number of days because of the poor overcast weather. So I took this shot.

Talk about the opposite of being Straight photography. I think we would have to class this as pure expressionism. The subject matter is secondary to the light; the image reflects how I felt when taking the image – really good and looking forward to the day. In fact the original unprocessed image didn’t look that different from the end product.


The rest of the day was spent shooting in a more formal style like this where the elements form a coherent unified design. (I think that’s probably the first time anyone has said that about Ramsgate). I likes this image not only for its formal qualities of balance and shape but also because the sea had clearly assaulted the promenade as the sand had been thrown all over it, and boy do we enjoy clouds in the UK.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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