Planning for exhibiting my work for the first time

A few of the final year students The the Open College of the Arts link are planning to exhibit some of our work at Bank Street Arts link sometime this year and we are just putting together a proposal.

These are some of the images I am currently planning to exhibit:

Set 1: Paralysis

Set 2: Landscape of Disability

Set 3: Ramps!

BSA Sample images set 3 (1 of 1)

They each speak to the subject of impairment and disability in different ways and form parts of my wider exploration of the subject. The key issue here is that the production values have to be right for presenting the images is a specific space so size, mounting, finish etc all become key issues.

The work will be exhibited with five other final year students and I will post links when our plans are confirmed. Its exciting stuff!


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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