A photo a day – Weegee and the crime scene

Today’s photo is of a crime scene: my adult son’s bedroom. He’s 24 years old and lives at home (at the moment). Because households  are places of compromise I do not usually comment on the state of Alex’s room; after all it is HIS room. Yet I can’t stop myself judging the total mess he chooses to leave it in. Yet he’s clean and presentable – so why doesn’t he tidy the room up?

I’ve shot the image in a sort of homage to Weegee, (link) the famous New York crime photographer. For example, I’ve aimed the flash at the subject matter and so produced hard shadows rather than bounce the flash off the ceiling, and taken a high (for me) point of view, and of course shot in monochrome. Compare the photo to that below where I have bounced the flash and left the colour in – I think it gives a totally different evocation.


I wonder what your domestic “crime scenes” look like?


About anomiepete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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