A photo a day – a different emphasis

Today’s photo is very similar in subject matter to an image I shot on January 9th but very different in terms of photographic approach and intension. Here I framed the chair’s tyre as the focal point rather than the TV and shot from a flat side on point of view to create a strong form. This is very different from the other shot shown below.


Both illustrate one of the major constraints I face when photographing my wheelchair: I am almost always in it and so it’s difficult to photo. I do have other wheelchairs but they are not as efficient as my current one and so I only use them in an emergency. Here below is a typology set of my three chairs taken last year. I explain the implications of the differences between the chairs on my website here.

Assignment 4 Typology-Edit

About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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