A photo a day – signs of Spring in suburbia

It may only be February 20th but signs of Spring are appearing in mum’s garden.

I say “garden” but in reality its a small strip of earth she has tended for the past 51 years, since they moved to this house when I was five years old in the summer of 1963. Back then the garden was the whole width of the house – see below – but when I was injured in 1978 and became a wheelchair user they concreted it over so I could get in and out of my car in safety as well as get in and out of the house. In the event I never could use the drive for parking my car because it was on too greater slope and so have always parked across it. However mum uses it – and still gets a lot of pleasure out of tending the little bit of garden that’s left.

No 59

My image didn’t remind me of any contemporary English photographers – does it for you?


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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7 Responses to A photo a day – signs of Spring in suburbia

  1. Catherine says:

    No, I can’t think of a well-known contemporary photographer, although some of Simon Roberts’ work comes to mind, also George Shaw then painter in respect of the second image. I do like your first image – that unveiling of Spring. Just wondering what your mum thinks?


    • anomiepete says:

      I can see why you mentioned Simon Roberts Catherine – but I always think he presents his subject less intimately. I will have a look at more of his work as I only know We English.

      Re Mum: she, just like most mums, would sacrifice anything and so she does not complain. In fact now both parents are 86 they can’t do much gardening – dads had the greenhouse demolished and doesn’t do any and mum just tends this small area in the front (although she says she’d go made without it …)


  2. Catherine says:

    Yes, Simon Roberts does seem more ‘distanced’ on the whole but I do like his work. Even though the garden might be small, flowers are always uplifting to see. Almost as good as a rainbow.

    I meant what does your mum think of the photograph (and your dad of course).


  3. A beautiful shot through the window. I can’t wait until I start seeing these signs of spring here in Canada.


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