A photo a day – a disabled person’s lunch

If I was lost as to what subject matter to shoot yesterday then sleep must have replenished me because this morning, as I was going through the slow, laborious process of getting myself up from bed I looked at the kit I use in a different light. I’m not sure how to explain it but I saw the things I’ve used over ten thousand times (35+ years since my paralysis) differently and as though they could be anything.

This thought led me to think about challenging the standard perception of the kit through re-presenting it differently and so led to this image which I am particularly pleased with.

I’ve shot the image straight using a deep depth of field and the light values to enhance the volumes of the subject matter. I don’t think it’s a surrealist image because of its processing or photographic technique and so is unlike Man Ray or Maurice Tabard and it’s miles away of the surrealism of sculptors and painters such as Albert Giacometti or Picasso. No, my approach is much closer to that of Marcel Duchamp and his Fountain. By taking the urinal out of its original context and re-presenting it he allowed us to see and consider it in different ways and that is just what I have done here in regard of some of the kit I use to manage my paralysis. So the surrealism is formed through context.

About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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5 Responses to A photo a day – a disabled person’s lunch

  1. Eileen says:

    Fascinating image Pete – really strong and full of resonance. Your sleep certainly did some good!


  2. Catherine says:

    it’s very effective. Amazing how our brains can work so differently as we’re beginning to come awake.


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