Something strange happened today

I popped into my workroom after watching the glorious Arsenal win in the FA cup second round against Everton and was rather surprised to be confronted by lots of Flickr emails making one particular image a Favourite. I then went to Flickr and reviewed the statistics.


The statistics indicated that yesterday’s Photo of the Day (link) had been viewed over 2000 times today and 36 people had labelled it a Favourite of theirs – and its only 2.50 in the afternoon!

I’m astonished how one such photo can engender so much interest – especially when its not a spectacle but vernacular and part of a discourse on domestic life. Accordingly it either suggests Flickr has a very selective audience or images get picked up and disseminated in a way unknown to me.

Can anyone explain this?


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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