A photo a day – Tableau vivant or Mise en scène?

I don’t know which best describes this vista but there is definitely a narrative in it. Of course all photos carry narratives to some degree – even the photo of a fork will have meaning to some. But this type of image were the subjects take on stage like qualities evoke a much more narrative quality. Even the subject’s vans are in complementary colours in this shot …

Of course this photo is nothing like the staged narratives of Jeff Wall or the early Pictoralists like Oscar Rejlander – we know they are staged and so are the outcome of the photographer’s vision when fully in control of all elements. But here the narrative is much less in my control and the imagery in the spirit of Tony Ray-Jones or some of the Mass Observation photographers of the 1920s.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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