A photo a day – the first 100 days

So today marks the one hundredth day of this series. The image is a tetraptych study of light and form.

While I am pleased with the result the real personal benefit to me was in the taking, processing and creating of this photo. Yesterday began well but ended badly and the selection, shooting and processing of this tetraptych moved my mood from one of sadness to neutrality and enjoying the moment.

Indeed I think that there is a advantage in the discipline of creating a photo a day or a series a week or any sort of thematic approach as it stimulates creative thoughts and chains of events that may lead to better, more meaningful work. However I think that when I begin the MA I might suspend taking a photo every single day –  or at least when I get to December 17th as then the year will be up – as there is a constancy of pressure to create an image that might get in the way of developing thematic series of images. So in a way I have the best timing  as I will concentrate on this series for the next few months and that should stop me jumping in to the MA too soon.

This particular image reminds me of Echeoeria by Albert Renger-Patzsch’s (link) – although his was in monochrome and mine is in colour, his was a single image and mine is not, his was taken with film and mine is digital. Yet for all that they are both studies of a natural form.

Below is a visual summary of the first 100 days. I will leave an analysis for another time.

100a 100b


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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