A photo a day – the day after Mothering Sunday

Karen had a rather nice Mothering Sunday. Alex, our youngest son took her to a restaurant for Sunday lunch as well as presenting her with this bunch of flowers. Greg, who lives in Berlin, messaged her on Face book as well, and so she enjoyed the recognition and love expressed.

But today is Monday and so the weekly chores begin. Washing, cleaning the kitchen and vacuuming downstairs are Monday’s tasks. Still as she goes about them the flowers will remind her of the boys’ love and recognition. The image is very different than say Elinor Carucci’s Mother series (link) where she focuses on representing the person and relationships and much more akin to Janine Antoni’s inhabit (link) where the focus on role is emphasised. Yet I think its different to both approaches as my image references Karen through her absence from the frame and so recognises the invisibility of so much of the role that mothers undertake.

I have enjoyed creating this photo and considering its intended evocation.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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