A photo a day – balance

So, it’s Sunday and I check my blood viscosity. I’m under my target range of 2 to 3 INR at 1.7 but know I would be as a reduced my Warfarin intake levels since bleeding a few days ago. Since then I’ve taken iron tablets and will continue to take iron until the end of April if I don’t bleed again and longer if I do.

My situation leaves me with having to balance the risks of bleeding against that of blood clotting and at the moment bleeding is the issue so I will concentrate on that.

I think my experience draws me towards some types of photography more than others. For example, today I looked at a wonderfully moving set of images by Angelo Merendino entitled My Wife’s Fight With Breast Cancer (link). The photos chart Jennifer’s life just before, then with, and just after losing, her life to Breast Cancer. Such photos can be mawkish, but Angelo’s are not – they just document the reality.

We all face our own challenges and it’s hard not to let some overwhelm us. I want my experiences to inform my photography but not define it wholly. I embrace my identity as an aging chubby paraplegic – but there is more to me than that!

Now – Arsenal v Everton is on TV today so I will turn my mind to that….


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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2 Responses to A photo a day – balance

  1. I was looking at Angelo Merendino’s series only this week too! As you say, they could have been very different, but somehow I found them uplifting. She was a very strong, much loved woman from the look of things.


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