A photo a day – the trade in things

It’s so easy to get used to our lifestyles. But when you think about some aspects of them they really are quite daft. Take these goods. All brought in, heavily marketed and branded around an Easter theme, yet no logical link to the religious meaning of Easter.


Of course we all want things, and we all want choice when buying things. But when I tried to catch up with the news this morning all the news channels were running the same live feed of the Oscar Pistorius trial and when I visit different towns they all seem to have the same shop chains and very similar goods. I watched Endeavour (a detective story) yesterday on Sky Demand. It ran for 1 hour 29 minutes. If I had watched it when first aired on Sunday evening I would have been forced to endure a full 30 minutes  of adverts as the program was scheduled to run over two hours.

Sometimes I think I’ve been sold an illusion of self determination and choice while very quietly being brainwashed by marketers.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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