A period of administrative transition

Two things happened yesterday that brought home the fact that I am in a period of transition just now.

The first was an email from the University of Creative Arts inviting me to the graduation ceremony.

I plan to attend because I want to both celebrate and mark the end of this part of my journey. Moreover I have not met any of the OCA tutors or students in person while studying and this will be a chance to do so – just once. 🙂

The second thing was my receipt of an email from Camberwell College of Arts providing details of how to access various course and university resources for my MA. Three of them look particularly interesting.

The first is an Outlook web app that gives me email, diary and contact information to the University, course and students; the second is access to more course information and resources such as tutorial dates and times and specific arts resources and the third more general information focussed on University activities and resources.

I’m glad that I can access these things now as that gives me the summer to explore them before the course begins in earnest.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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