A photo a day – bloomin rubbish…


This photo shows the driveway at the back of my house. We all leave things to do with work in progress around here and as I am the only person who uses our garage the areas own by neighbour is has become a little overgrown. Yet I think this image is pretty, even though it consists mainly of weeds and rubbish.

I think lots of photographers take great images of rubbish. Corinne Silva’s Plastic Mountain 1 comes to mind (link) and the web is full of images of other types of plastic mountains that offer their own kind of beauty. One of my favourite photographers is Edward Burtynsky because he  shows the whole industrial cycle of particular industries in his works such as Oil (link). His photos work of all sorts of aesthetic and intellectual levels and are wonderful for that fact.

What looks good at the back of, or under, your flat or house?


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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4 Responses to A photo a day – bloomin rubbish…

  1. paul490280 says:

    Hi Pete, I’ve been quiet around here and OCA stuff as I am working on clearing out our house and garage for our house and job move to Scotland. Having just cleared out the shed and garage this morning I sit down and smile at this image thinking it’s not just me then! A case of the viewer finding something from it that the photographer might not predict.


    • anomiepete says:

      Very true Paul. That sounds like a VERY big move. What’s the job and where are you going? I take it the new environment will give you even more opportunity to contribute to your OCA projects.


      • paul490280 says:

        Is this really 14 days later? I have moved to Glasgow to work for the Scottish Government on asset management. Your image at the time was pertinent to my exasperation of having to clear my garage and shed. Congratulations on your OCA results, I presume you were in the upper echelons? Now back with internet and time to think is time to get back to my studies.


    • anomiepete says:

      Sadly not Paul. I got 63% for Advanced – the assessors said my images were too tentative and I needed to offer more of a personal voice. They were correct in this as I got a littel lost in Advanced and the feedback its enabled me to reflect and generate lots of ideas for the MA that are more personal to me. The good news is that because I got 89% for YOP I will come out with a first class degree as the average over the two modules is 76%.

      All the best with the new job



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