A photo a day – form in the visual language

Alex, my youngest son has gone off to Thailand for a few weeks and that has given me the chance to get into his room to give it a good clean. When thinking about how to present an aspect of his room I wanted this image to contrast  with the last one of his room (link). Yet I thought I had presented the last photo using an unstable form, but looking back this is not the case as the horizontal of the bed and the shelf lines create a strong gestalt upon which the other matter in the photo is framed.

I do like photos with a strong visual gestalt. They seem to me to work as both documents of the referent and as graphic pictures where the lines and size of objects create their own dynamic evocation. This means that they work on different levels and so can speak to more people than otherwise. I’ve mentioned Edmund Clark before as some of his images offer this quality – especially his images of Guantanamo.

About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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