A photo a day – Good Friday

I don’t know what celebrations look like in your home but Easter means mainly lots of chocolate in my parent’s house.


Happy Easter. I also created this today. The photo began life as a discarded package of Omeprozole. I hope the photo represents the overwhelming complexity of drugs.

I really like the way digital manipulation can take a referent and then change it so radically, and yes I know convention says not to mix monochrome and colour but I am enjoying experimenting with production values. I’ve been looking at some of Laura McClanahan’s water and glass abstracts (link) and taken some inspiration from them.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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4 Responses to A photo a day – Good Friday

  1. Catherine says:

    Interesting that you’ve linked all the chocolate with Omeprozole! Your pills image is excellent. Did you layer them in some way/use particular filters? Also I think that mix of monochrome and colour is relevant – something about how pills become something else as they work their way through.
    Happy Easter as well.


  2. anomiepete says:

    Ha, there was not obvious intention of linking the sweets and pills Catherine. Lots of layers were used and then I applied a brush distortion to various parts of the frame, and turned up saturation to max and then adjusted it hue.

    Happy Easter


    • Catherine says:

      You make it sound so easy! Maybe when I’ve finished DPP I’ll be able to do that as well with ease and grace – and lack of anxiety/frenzied ‘looking things up”!


      • anomiepete says:

        haha, you know the discipline of creating an image a day has brought me back to Adobe Elements – I mostly stopped using it as Lightroom is so good, but it really does have its place. 🙂


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