Is this an oxymoron, hypocrisy or sophistry?

One of the first actions I took when exploring how to further my artistic practice when nearing the end of my photography degree was to follow some blogs of people working in the areas I was interested in. One of these blogs was this one (link) entitled Collective collapse as the student was working on the MA in Fine Arts Digital at Camberwell College of Arts.

There is nothing special in that – but today I read a post entitled “Generation Wuss b/w Spatial Relations” that really got me thinking (link).

The theme of the post was twofold of which the first point is the relevant one to this post: Collective Collapse reflected on feedback and asserted that too many students either don’t participate in criticism or are too timid and only offer positive reflections and this was not good for us as people are our art as it makes us too “wussy”. I agreed  with the point and though it well articulated. (The second was more about studio space and not relevant to my point here.)

But guess what: when I went to place a comment on the blog I found the author doesn’t allow comments! Now is that an oxymoron, hypocrisy or sophistry, or am I just daft?


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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