A photo a day – a vacuum cleaner

If yesterday’s photo was an expressive landscape and an exercise in form then this must be the polar opposite. I’ve tried to make this image as straight and objective as possible. Yet the photo doesn’t tell is much. The scale is unknown to the viewer as is the object’s purpose. Yet their is something very pleasing in such a picture in terms of form  and when compared to the image below we can see that simple and subtle choices like lighting, framing and making space around the subject makes quite profound differences.


I know which I prefer. The exercise made me think of Mishka Henner’s feedlots (link) where the images work both as documents as as graphic formal images.

Moreover I think photos of everyday things shot straight become more interesting over time because design and fashion changes and so what was once seen as functional can be viewed in a different, socio-historical context.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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