A photo a day – work, work, work

It seems as though building work and house maintenance are never ending tasks down my road. Today our painter came back to put the third undercoat on our front door and while that was drying the house over the road had a carpenter working outside replacing their door with a new one.


We chose to repaint our door rather than replace it as its the original one that goes with the house and shows its 86 years of age in a nice way. Our new neighbours didn’t have that option as the door they replaced was a 1970s half glazed one. Spring does get everyone out and working though doesn’t it. 

Okay, I know there is an elephant in the room: processing. I was bored and so got playing, over sharpened, multiple layers, diffuse light and more has been applied to make the image more a spectacle than narrative. Buy hey, was fun.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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