A photo a day – I’m not dying

Mum had an appointment with a doctor today and asked if I would come with her. The venue for the appointment is exactly 1.1 miles away from home so this left me with a dilemma: do I drive or wheel?

Driving involved lugging the wheelchair and my body in and out of the car and so for a five minute journey the effort would seem excessive. However I had trouble wheeling when away recently – but had found my tyres were down to 20 psi when they should be 60!

In any event  the day was lovely and so I decided to wheel and I am glad I did. the exercise proved to me that I can still wheel a reasonable distance. However those long slow inclines are killers. This image was taken at about the half way point and looks back toward Beckenham Green from Albemarle Road.


The way I chose to represent the wheel resulted from a great deal of thought. I wanted to visually indicate something of the distance but felt that the image alone would not offer viewers any idea of its real intended meaning. This led me to use collage and place the wheel within the frame.

The approach is not one I have used before. Yet someone whose work inspired this approach is the late Jo Spence (link). She didn’t use collage much but did present her visual message with an obvious staging. So, using a similar approach  I have tried to create an image where the wheelchair is embedded in the photo in such a way as to look real at all, but rather made it an obvious addition and so hope that leads the viewer to question what I am trying to say.

Do you think I could have chosen a better way of conveying this meaning?


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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