A photo a day – seeing red

You’d think that after 35 years of dealing with the management of impairment that I’d keep on top of things. Well you’d be wrong.

Before going away for my recent trip I submitted a repeat prescription request online. When I got back I checked the pharmacy website and the request status wasn’t showing so I phoned them. They did not have any record of the request even though I had an order number and was looking at my on screen email confirmation. So the pharmacy took the request order again by phone. I checked they had got it yesterday and they confirmed it would be here today. It arrived this morning with everything save for the ONE item that is urgent!

I phoned the pharmacy to complain and they explained they had seen this omission and that the doctor’s surgery had omitted it and that the pharmacy had chased this and had the request in hand. So if the item doesn’t arrive soon I will be in bleeding trouble – literally.

I’ve tried all sorts of strategies to manage such problems over the years – keeping duplications, arranging various alerts etc. The problem is that some items have a shelf life and so you can’t keep too long, others are only ordered once a year and this was one of them (blood test strips).

So today photo reflects how I feel: angry, frustrated and impotent – the one item needed urgently sits highlighted under my spectacles when it should be on the left of the form and delivered.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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