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Huijun Guan

Took from creatorsprojector’s website: Sewing Machine Orchestra (SMO), an unconventional musical ensemble imagined and created by Montreal-based new media artist and electroacoustic composer, Martin Messier. For SMO—which is still touring internationally—Messier’s technological wizardry induced eight sewing machines into offering up an electrifying audiovisual performance.

This Sunday, March 30th, for the 2014 edition of the FutureEverything festival in Manchester, Messier will push the limits of sonic exploration with Projectors, a captivating, performative A/V installation that echoes SMO. Presented as a world premiere, Projectors is the newest phase in Messier’s lineup of research geared towards redefining the functions of the “everyday object” by imbuing upon it sonic potential.

This time, the work is an ensemble made up of a trio of 8mm projectors and two digital projectors Messier uses to immerse the viewer in a hypnotic audiovisual experience. The analog projectors’ sounds are synthesized, while the digital projectors produce images and the…

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