A photo a day – choices, choices

Today was a nice day and so Karen and I decided to go for a drive through Kent and East Sussex. This involved driving through some wonderful countryside we know well but always manage to find new things to see. Today’s trip involved driving through,  rather than visiting, Horsemonden, Goudhurst, Peasmarsh, Rye, Winchelsea, Fairlight, Bexhill, Battle, and home.

We did stop a couple of times. Once near Winchelsea to see the sheep, which surprisingly had not been fleeced yet.


And then at Fairlight where you can see the coastline all the way to Dungeness.


The photos posed a real challenge as the colour versions were rather bland and the 4:3 aspect ratio filled too much of the frame with the sky. So given this landscape is rather timeless I decided to use a green monochrome filter on both images and crop them at 2:1. I think this approach works for these images by making them expansive. It’s funny because these photos are not that sort of landscape photos that really engage me. I think my favourite landscape photographer is John Davies (link) as his photos often offer multiple narratives within them that I enjoy as well as offering a sort of thoughtful spectacle of a picture.

Yet my choice for today’s photo of the day is very different. A double selfie shot at Fairlight but this time we faced the side of the car with our backs to the view. It was just a bit of fun really.


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