A photo a day – a beautiful but black, black day

Today’s weather was stunning: blue skies, warm and all the flora surging with growth. But that was the only good thing. Mum had her appointment scheduled for today to receive the results on her biopsy and these were not good. 


The service we received in terms of information was good. Bad news was given by the consultant’s team member, but it was good in the sense of being clear. But the process of using the NHS is terrible: searching for oversubscribed – and too few – disabled parking bays; seen over an hour later than our appointment time;  sitting in noisy, stuffy waiting areas for hours on end (and all in a bankrupt PFI hospital).

How this contrasted to when mum paid to see the NHS consultant privately – £175 bought her an immediate personalised consultation with the consultant rather than one of his team in a flashy but quiet consulting room in a private hospital.

We all praise the NHS – and boy my family have used it enough. But why can’t the experience be improved upon? Still we are back there again next Monday morning ….

About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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