A photo a day – an early start

We took Greg to Stansted Airport this morning for his flight back to Berlin. We dropped him off at 5.30am and will probably see him next in the autumn or at Christmas.


As it was so early Karen decided to do the weekly shopping at Greenwich Peninsula as they are open 24/7 and on our return route. We were the only people in the place apart from a few staff  – very eerie – but the light was fantastic and so the image below is my photo of the day.


I think these two photos illustrate something of the dichotomy within photography: there is the rather mundane image – be it in any genre – that is used to speak visually about something and/or evoke feelings and memories, but that on its own, and taken out of any context, looks a little lost in terms of connotation (often being too ambiguous to make much sense of) and then there is image as spectacle. It too can be of any genre and type and be used in a visual discourse. But it also stands alone because its colours, form, tone and textures offer even the casual viewer a visual feast.

However spectacle alone is a rather transient pleasure – but when part of discourse can be enjoyed on many levels.

Would you agree?


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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