A photo a day – what is photographic perfection?

As usual I went to mum and dad’s today for lunch. Dad I I got talking while mum was cooking and he wanted to show me something on the web. So as we got in the back room where his computer sits I took a number of shots and want to discuss two of them here.

I think this first image is technically quite good. I have used a wide aperture to deal with the light and create a narrow depth of field, I have framed out most of the window where the image would be blown and the photos shows dad, his book, printer and computer and so offers a narrative.

But the image seems very solitary and lacks any sense of the dynamic discussion that was taking place between he and I and so today’s photo is this one below.

This photo was taken a few minutes before and it technically poor. The large window area is blown and dad’s hand is blurred because of the slower shutter speed. However in terms of composition and intention  it seems much better – more appropriate – to me. The narrow depth of field means all bar his hand is sharp and his outstretched arm and pointing finger provide a real dynamism to the image that reflects the event much better than the previous photo.

I have also represented the issue in monochrome because colour not only seemed irrelevant to the issue I was documenting, but actually obfuscating the visual narrative.

Would you agree with me?

About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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