A half year review of my A photo a day project

So today marked just about six months – halfway – into my project to take at least one photo everyday and post it. Accordingly it seems time to review my chosen images.

Here are all the images taken from December 18th 2013 to June 18th 2014.




Looking at the images collectively – especially via the blog – makes any determinations quite difficult but using lightroom I can draw out some simple conclusions. For example, only 4 of the images were shot in portrait mode.


While 14 were shot or created in a square format.


4 photos used different panoramic ratios and 13 photos were offered at diptychs


The rest, some 148 photos were shot in standard 4:3 aspect ratio.

Then of course there is the nature of the image to consider. For example I created 20 portrait photos, and applied a range of digital manipulation from creating wholly digital images with no referent through to collages and photos with no post camera processing.


The process has been, and is fascinating. It’s very different from the method applied in much of my photographic degree. There I would think about a concept or issue and build up a set or portfolio of images around that theme and work through ideas and processing to achieve a desired outcome based on a visual discourse or statement. Here I do often wake up with an idea of what I want to shoot but the images do not have to relate to each other as a set. So for example, today I am off to Ramsgate and so imagine the image will be to do with the summer and seaside. So the images are not created to form a visual essay so much as express an experience or single point. 

About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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