A photo a day – what a carry on

So mum had to go to St Thomas’ hospital today for the multidisciplinary meeting to explore options for dealing with her cancer…. or so we thought…I left home at 12 noon and picked up mum shortly after. We were early but that didn’t matter when compared to mum getting some help and treatment for her symptoms. At 2.20 mum was called, weighed and measured ready to see the doctor but when we saw him he explained that he had no notes about mum and that this appointment should have been cancelled. So a day of high emotion and organisation came to nought because of someone not keeping us informed – sometimes I’d like to ring someone’s neck!


So mum’s appointment has been rescheduled for 2.20 next Wednesday – the same day and time as my graduation ceremony. We discussed whether my brother  or his wife would go with mum and she will decide but I feel very guilty not being with her next week – so I think the ceremony will be bitter sweet as while I am enjoying a celebration with my family mum will be hearing what’s in store for her.

The only good thing is that I know mum had decided she will go for treatment (not good in that she will go for it but good she’s made a decision). The treatment will be three cycles of chemotherapy at 3 weekly intervals, then a full “debulking” of all areas of tumours eg hysterectomy, bowel and gut and then another three cycles of chemo. If it was me at 86 I’d think twice about it , but it’s mum’s decision and as long as she is clear then I will back her all the way. But she’s carrying a massive weight on her shoulders and this is what I have tried to represent visually. 


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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