A photo a day – chaos

Today did not begin well. As I was preparing to get up I noticed the bottom of my night bag was wet and smelly – it was leaking. This was not a small leak but rather the seam of the bag at split but about 2.5cm and deposited around a litre of undiluted night-time urine on the bedroom floor.

We do, sort of, plan for such things. For example, we have lino rather than carpet as the former is easier for the wheelchair and this is also easier to keep clean and all the things under and around the bed are in containers. Notwithstanding this almost the whole morning was spent moving furniture and cleaning the mess up. Sorry Karen.

So today’s photo aims to document both the scene – chaotic and dirty – and reflect my attitude toward the situation – dark and angry, (hence no straightening of lines).


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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