A photo a day – my contribution to a project

So here is my contribution to the Nearest Faraway Project I mentioned yesterday.

The reasons for me creating this image are to do with the subject. When I began exploring photography seriously I had no idea I would end up reading for and obtaining a degree in the subject. So that seemed very distant. Yet as I type this it’s just over two weeks since I graduated. So that seems near. Moreover all of us on the project share that degree journey and so the image is about all of us as me as me as an individual.

So it’s for those reasons the image is small, and includes the robes, hood and cap of the qualification but leaves the person wearing them a little more generic – as it could be anyone of the participants (save for the wheelchair!)


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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2 Responses to A photo a day – my contribution to a project

  1. dougslr says:

    Thanks for a thoughtful image and including all of us! For me it is still a far away place.


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