A photo a day – getting mum the right treatment

Mum was a lot better today: she was sitting in a chair by her bed for the afternoon and had less sickness, wasn’t so distressed and was more lucid. I read her notes and the surgeon is clear that they will not actively treat mum’s cancer and was pleased to see the following label on her chart.


Hospitals are strange places: their signs, architecture, language and uniforms are all foreign to daily life and yet they work to the capitalist system of a 5 day week. This disempowers patients and their families because timely treatments and decisions do not take place at for example, night time and weekends, and we have to wait for the “working week” to begin to gain access to staff that should really be available all the time.

Mum is in the wrong place. Doctors and hospitals are all about keeping people alive and making them better but they can’t make mum better. The sooner we get her fully under a palliative team the better.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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