An interesting comment

My brother Steve made an interesting comment when we were sitting with mum the other day: he said he read my blog and didn’t realise how dark I was. This challenged my view of the blog and looking back through the 222 images that make up the Photo a Day series so far I think they are more balanced and representative of all sorts of aspects of my life, from the minutia of it to the really big things, and from funny happy things to sad ones.



This activity was aimed at helping me both develop familiarity with blogging as I need this to complete the MA; and to maintain and develop my photography. Looking at the blog and photos I think the project is achieving these aims. It’s very different than doing a series of images, but that, in its own way has made a refreshing change as I will be back to project based visual work on September 1st. Maybe Steve’s view is coloured by the convention that we often adopt in vernacular photography – only showing the happy things. Whatever the cause I hope the blog gives him a more balanced insight into who I am and that he doesn’t see my life as all dark.

About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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1 Response to An interesting comment

  1. Catherine says:

    I think your blog has been very balanced. I certainly feel that I know you much more as a person now – the highs and lows and your approach to life in all its aspects. I agree that you’ve achieved your aims for it – will miss it if you stop doing it as well.


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