A photo a day – anticipating sunset

I had not planned to see mum today but went to dad’s to sort out simple things like  food shopping and washing clothes. However once at dads I got a call from the hospital to say the St Christopher’s Hospice had a vacancy and so I left dad, picked up K and drove to the Hospice.

Mum arrived at about 3 and K and I were with her when the nurses and doctor (Nick) admitted mum. Nick explained that mum can’t eat (as in swallow) any solids because they will just come back/make her sick. But mum can swill, suck, or chew anything she wants.  So she is “having” yoghurt and jelly for teatime. Moreover if mum wants to get up,  sit up, go to the garden, join in with activities or just lay in bed she can – she is in control. The staff got her settled with drinks and pain relief and then when K and I saw the doctor in a side room he explained that mum could die shortly of eg kidney failure or just get gradually weaker as she has no calorific intake in which case her passing might be a little way off.

When mum rang for a nurse – they came! Mum’s spirits were so lifted that she phoned dad tonight. So today was a very good day and so my photo reflects that – Mum’s in her own air conditioned fourth floor room with a view is west looking over Crystal Palace so she should get to see some good sunsets before her own.


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South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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2 Responses to A photo a day – anticipating sunset

  1. paul490280 says:

    If there was a “best wishes” button I would have probably pressed it several times over the last few weeks. “Like” just doesn’t cut it. Fascinating to see how you are continuing to make sense of things through photography.


  2. anomiepete says:

    Thanks Paul, I really should be happy as not many people get to know both their parents they way I have. For the past 10 years or so I have visited weekly and we have eaten lunch, solved the world’s problems and they have told more all about their respective lives before I came along. So I should be happy but just can’t get there as my sense of impending loss keeps overwhelming me.


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