A photo a day – connotation seeing mum in everything

Steve, my brother, took dad to see mum today and I did little other than rest, think and plan. Karen did dad’s shopping and I arranged for a cleaner going into dad’s once a week beginning tomorrow morning so at least his sheets will get changed. Dad phoned to say mum told him she wouldn’t be coming home again and the initial shock of mum being taken poorly so quickly appears to be receding. I also contacted Steph – my sister in law – to get my other late brother’s Death Certificate as I will need that for Probate as Jim was named as an Executor along with  Steve and me. Steve phoned to ensure he was doing his bit and I explained that I can’t do any of the physical things and so am happy doing all the administration and organising of stuff as he can do others things. Greg phoned from Berlin and will be flying back to see his Nan tomorrow.

By the early evening I was tired even though I had not done much today and took a few minutes to enjoy the garden. I took this shot because of the fading light and its subject matter. Mum was a great gardener – just like her mum who is also in this photo – and I am seeing her in everything I look at. 


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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