A photo a day – limbo

I visited mum at St Christopher’s Hospice again today and spent the whole day there. Mum slept and dozed for most of the time, just interjected with short periods of being wide awake when we talked.  As visitors arrived, or at times when mum seemed to go into a deep sleep, I wandered off,  got a cup of tea and explored the grounds. The place has lovely gardens with lots of little secluded places to sit as well as a canteen with fresh food cooked on site.

However for much of the time I just sat with mum as she slept, looking at the lady that I love so much and who has always been the one there for everyone else. Even though mum’s skin bears the marks of 86 years use it displays its own type of grandeur. I think both of us feel like we are in limbo just now.


Today’s photo speaks to the whole day’s experience.


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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