A photo a day – focussing on dad

Today’s tasks were focussed around dad. Greg and I selected and purchased a small simple mobile phone dad could use and pre programmed it with important numbers; we booked Age Concern for the personal alarm and they will come next Tuesday; I picked up the log book and associated paperwork for mum’s car and agreed that my brother would buy it off dad at book price and so will proceed on that basis; and dad, Greg and I eat fish and chips from the local chippy (lovely). Karen came at 2pm and went upstairs to get the nightgown mum wants to wear at her funeral and took dad off to see mum.

We got through a lot today and so today’s image shows Greg sorting out the mobile phone and dad sorting out some money for his shopping list (His hand is holding a toffee liquorice sweet that he always gives Karen).


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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