A photo a day – being selfish

As it was Saturday I knew Steve, Ruth and Will (my brother, sister in law and their son) would be visiting mum as would Alex (my youngest son). But I wanted mum to myself so I got up to St Christopher’s early and had a good hour with her before anyone else came along. It was bliss. Mum was more awake than recently and we had a good talk which ranged from the distant past to the types of flowers she wanted, through to how much we love each other.

First Steve’s family arrived and had some time with mum and then Alex. When I came back to see mum I got Alex to take a few photos. The things I do with mum now are either wiping her face and neck with the fresh wetwipe, or just stroke her face, arms or hold hands. So here is a photo of mum and me.

And here below is my photo of the day – just mum.

About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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