A photo a day – a long short day

My sleep pattern has disappeared since mum died last Monday: sometimes I can’t get to sleep, other times I wake very early. Today was the latter. So apart from tending the garden I knew today was going to be a long one so nipped around the corner to get a paper.


It’s nice going out so early when nobody is around – quite spiritual. However did I get to read the paper? Not until 5pm. Firstly I started tinkering with ideas for the Order and Service and my Eulogy and I developed these over the period of the day; but no sooner had I started than we found our downstairs cistern was leaking and we couldn’t seem to get a plumber so had to keep trying different people; then I had a long talk to dad on the phone and we even managed to laugh; then our Priest (we are Church of England but High Church) couldn’t take the ceremony and so I secured the services of another and made an appointment to meet up; then I alerted the printer and selected two photos of mum for the Order of Service. One image was shown here: (link) and the other is shown below.


So as I write this its 5.10 in the late afternoon and I am off the read the paper. This was a very short long day!


About Pete

South Londoner struggling with life, art and photography.
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